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Homeowners know just how pricey temperature control can be. In order to make your electricity bills manageable, it is critical to monitor the ambient temperature of your home. The goal is to optimise cost effectiveness with your comfort level. This can be quite a challenge during the harsher weather seasons, but taking some time to learn the best methods for success is certainly worth the effort.


When the sun is beating down on your home, you need a successful way to overcome it. One of the best ways to do this is with an air-conditioner. There are several different types of air-conditioners available. Whatever type you decide on, you will certainly want a quality electrician, such as a Perth electrician, to help you perfect your home! Let’s take a look at what type of air-conditioning installation Perth can assist you with.

Swamp Cooler

Otherwise known as an evaporative cooler, this AC system cools your home through evaporating water. This system works best in areas, which are dry. By taking advantage of the phase transition between liquid water and water vapour, a swamp cooler can significantly decrease the temperature of your home’s air. With the help of a Perth electrician, you can have this unit cooling your home without consuming nearly as much energy as a refrigeration system. If your home is in an extremely dry climate, this unit has an added bonus. It will increase the overall moisture content of the air inside your home. This can help with dry skin and other problem endemic to desert regions. However, if you live in a more humid region, you may want to select an alternative system.

Central Air Conditioning

This AC system is the quiet, best performing and most comfortable solution. The air-conditioning installation Perth can assist you with can be adapted to any size home. Central air is by far the most adaptable type of AC available. This system works with two units. One is the condensing until and the other the evaporative. Both of these are connected via refrigerant tubing. Your condense will sit just outside your home and features three main parts: compressor, condensing coils, and a fan. The second component, the evaporative unit, sill sit just by your furnace. This allows your system to take advantage of the same ducts used for your home heating solution.

No matter what system works best for your particular circumstances, finding the perfect AC is key to enjoying your perfect home. And when it’s time to get started, just give your Perth electrician a call.

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