How to choose the best material for your bathroom taps

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed where your bathroom is concerned, especially when it comes to bathroom taps. Whether you’re planning a complete makeover, or just some small-scale improvements, you need to make so many decisions. Sometimes, selecting the big items such as sanitaryware and furniture, is easier than choosing the smaller elements. But make sure you take the time to get the little things right too.

Bathroom taps can be transformative, despite their diminutive size. However, there are many things to consider before you buy, including style, shape, size, budget and material.

The bathroom taps you choose need to be durable, and also complement your bathroom décor and style. Chrome-plated taps are very versatile, and work well with most modern designs. They are also resistant to scratches and corrosion, which makes them a good choice for a family bathroom. Plus they’re easy to clean and maintain, although they do show fingerprints and water spots quite easily.

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