How to Unblock a Bathroom Sink

A clogged sink is a common issue that every home or business owner will experience at some point, so we thought we would drum up a handy how-to guide to unblocking a bathroom sink. After all, when managed correctly, dealing with a blockage is easy, but get it wrong and the mistake can be costly. We spoke to some of the industry’s top influencers to bring you five tips to get that sink unblocked in record time.

Begin by removing the plug and cleaning it. Hair and debris can cling to the plug and block the drain. Detaching it by hand is often a simple solution. If this doesn’t resolve the blockage, cover the plughole with water and block the overflow to create a seal before using a plunger to clear the blockage by gently pressing up and down. If you have no success with a plunger, use a long thin object such as a plumber’s snake to scrape the drain or get resourceful with a wire coat hanger.

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