Basic Plumbing Needs in a Home

When we build a home of our own we make all the fittings in a good order. We may not get good plumber all the time, we have to aware of basics of plumbing. Even if we have hundreds of dollars in our hand we may find helpless in such situations. It is basically needed some common sense and willingness to put your hands on.

When a problem occurs in the water line we have to be careful before doing anything. We have to check the connection and the pipe line to identify the real problem. If required we have to close the main supply channel. For this we must know where is the main valves are. If there is proper marking it will be easy to find out the main. We have to close the main before doing the repair work to avoid water wastage and convenience of work.

The sewage block is another head ache for all of us. It can be identified by the manholes provided or we can see the threaded pipe covering in the line. We have to open these and clean them manually of mechanically. Some sewage cleaning materials are available in the market. We can make use of it.

The home equipment like washing machine or dish washer also may have to be repaired. So we must know the main water control point to these, to close them in urgent situations. Always remember that not to block the accessibility to the main valves of pipe line or sewage line by putting unwanted materials around it or planting garden.

Taps have common issue of dropping. Here we must have a basic knowledge of tap and its parts. Rubber of silicon washers can be easily replaced. Some are using ceramic washers also. These are some basic hints for our own plumbing needs.

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