Toilet and Bathroom Plumbing Tips at Home

Clogging in the toilet happens when some external element happens to be in the line. When the water level is high in the closet it is difficult to carryout plunger cleaning. Then we have to wait until the water level comes down. We can try throwing a bucket full of water in to it. We must be patient while doing this until the problem is solved. We can use organic or chemical clog removers. We should not try anything hard or non flushable to flush. Do not allow kids to put large quantity of toilet paper in it and try to flush it out. Ladies hygiene products or children’s packing are some time get clogged in the toilets. We can check whether these are disintegrating in water or not. If not we should not put those in the toilets.

Running toilet flush is another problem we face in our home. First we have to close the water supply. The flush tank has to open next. Don’t forget to keep a kit of handy tools for plumbing near to you. Check the chain, automatic closer and valves for any damage. If needed replace it. We can check these by flushing with clear water while keeping the tank open. We may need to adjust the float to adjust water level. Keep the water level below the over flow pipe.

Showers also may have the problem of dripping. As a tap here also some washer may have to replace or nut have to be tighten. The flow from shower sometimes becomes slow due to hard water. If we sock the shower tip in vinegar over night and wash with fresh water we can easily solve this problem. We can unscrew the shower head and clean it with the same method if possible.

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