Kitchen Sink Acting Up?

So much of our life revolves around the kitchen sink, whether we realize it or not. Cooking and eating are an essential part of our day, and it could not happen without a properly working kitchen sink. If something ever seems to be malfunctioning, it is completely natural to try and figure out the problem at hand. Hoping for a quick fix, like a fork that ended up in the drain, our second step is usually trying to figure out if we can fix what’s going on.

Garbage Disposal
If your garbage disposal is making strange noises, turn off the water, the disposal, and take a look. Sometimes the fix is simple, like seeing an eating utensil or smaller dish that can easily be removed. If you’re unable to see something immediately, take a moment to think if there’s a chance of a less visible object to make its way into the disposal.

Sink Failing to Drain
The second your sink is not draining properly, you’ll know. Filling up with water is a clear sign that something is happening with the drain. Similar to with a garbage disposal, shut off the water and see if your drain is being blocked by something larger. If the problem is not clear, it’s a great time to call a plumbing service.

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